About Amplifier

Amplifier: The Jewish Giving Circle Movement is a new global initiative to build and sustain the field of giving circles inspired by Jewish values. It is the first concerted effort to network giving circles inspired by Jewish values, catalyze the creation of new giving circles, educate circle members on best practices in philanthropy, and create a platform to connect NGOs and Jewish giving circles to each other efficiently and effectively. Being part of a giving circle amplifies the impact that an individual can have through their giving, and being linked together with other giving circles amplifies the impact that a circle can have on the issues and causes that mean the most to them.

In 2014, more than 40 partner organizations across the Jewish philanthropic and nonprofit sectors worked for several months to co-design Amplifier’s web platform, resource library and training initiatives. The resulting work has changed the way that people interact with Jewish giving, providing the resources needed to create grassroots, values-driving communities of hands-on, proactive, intentional givers.

By creating backbone infrastructure for this field - and even by unifying existing, disparate activities into a “field” - Amplifier empowers thousands of people of all ages and giving levels to participate in hundreds of giving circles, supporting hundreds of NGOs, educating members about the nonprofit sector, and building communities rooted in Jewish values and wisdom.

See the impact we have made to date, and join us in this global movement by starting or adding an existing circle or registering a grant-seeking organization.

Amplifier Features

  • Giving Circle Directory & Organization Directory
  • Grant Opportunities & Common Grant Applications
  • Giving Circle Management Tools
  • Resources
  • Giving Circle: Express
  • In-person Amplifier Offerings