The Membership Experience

Joining Natan means becoming part of a community and a network of smart, successful young people who are actively engaged in building new vision for the Jewish people and the State of Israel through strategic philanthropy.

Most Natan members choose to serve on one of Natan’s grant committees – the “secret sauce” of Natan. Each grant committee focuses on a particular issue area, and committee members work together to set the committee’s philanthropic strategy, review grant applications, and allocate their aggregated funds to new and emerging organizations and social entrepreneurs.

Complementing the grantmaking process is a robust calendar of intimate, diverse, and engaging events.
Natan events include conversations with world leaders, visionary philanthropists, and some of the most creative and dynamic people in contemporary Jewish and Israeli life. Regular salons in members' homes and offices enrich members’ understanding of the issues facing the Jewish people and Israel, inform members’ philanthropic strategy, and strengthen the Natan community.

The highlight of the calendar is Natan’s annual trip to Israel, a unique combination of intimate interactions with Israeli leaders and social entrepreneurs, visits to grant recipients and interviews with grant finalists, and rare opportunities for sightseeing and experiencing the beauty of the land.

The Natan board and a few supporting foundations underwrite Natan’s operational expenses, so that 100% of member contributions goes to Natan’s grants.

Members are expected to make annual, personally significant financial contributions aligning with the suggested minimum for their grant committee.

Natan always welcomes new members. Please be in touch if you’d like to discuss Natan membership.