Israel Policy Form + Natan Present: Inside the Conflict, Virtual Learning Series Part 1/3 09/14/2021 Michael Koplow, Policy Director, Israel Policy Forum Please join us for a special three-part learning series on key aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, featuring expert lectures and unique virtual tours of the region's landscape. Part 1/3: The "1948 Issues" at the Origin of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (with Michael Koplow) Watch
NatanSalon: Exploring the IHRA Working Definition on Antisemitism 03/09/2021 Holly Huffnagle (AJC), Amanda Berman (Zioness), Rabbi Josh Weinberg (URJ for Israel and Reform Judaism, ARZA) The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism has been enthusiastically and widely adopted by entities and governments around the world. And yet, local Jewish communities continue to wrestle with it, particularly because of its inclusion of examples of contemporary antisemitism that illustrate the demonization/delegitimization/double standards applied to Israel and how they can be expressions of antisemitism. Three leading experts, Holly Huffnagle, AJC’s U.S. Director of Combating Antisemitism; Amanda Berman, Executive Director of Zioness; and Rabbi Josh Weinberg, Executive Director of the Association of Reform Zionists of America, who will help us explore the ways in which this definition has been embraced by some and refuted by others. We look forward to you joining us for, what we believe will be, a lively and fascinating discussion. Watch
The Theory of Enchantment: A Conversation between Mijal Bitton and Chloe Valdary 04/29/2021 Dr. Mijal Bitton (Shalom Hartman Institute), Chloe Valdary Join Dr. Mijal Bitton, scholar in residence at the Shalom Hartman Institute, and Chloe Valdary, a noted writer and entrepreneur, as they explore the Theory of Enchantment, Chloe’s groundbreaking approach to combating racism and bigotry. In the Atlantic’s recent profile of the Theory of Enchantment, they write that it “elicits unusual openness, trust, and engagement from ideologically diverse observers, including many critics of more conventional DEI-training approaches.” Mijal is a scholar and thought leader who has raised critical questions about diversity and the assumptions we make about minorities within Jewish communities. Please join us for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation. Watch
Confronting Antisemitism in America's Schools & Among Young People 05/11/2021 Aliza Craimer Elias, Institute for Curriculum Services | Professor Miriam Elman, Academic Engagement Network | Kevin Feinberg, Facing History and Ourselves | Matthew Grossman, BBYO Recent antisemitic incidents in American schools - including its most elite public and private schools - have been disturbing. Join us to learn about some of the most important organizations working in schools and with young people across the country (and beyond). Together, these organizations are engaging hundreds of thousands of schools, teachers, and young people of all backgrounds in conversations about antisemitism, bigotry, the Holocaust, Israel, and what it means to be Jewish today. Watch
Is America Different? 04/01/2021 Dr. Rachel Fish, Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism | Samantha Harris, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education | Dr. Annie Polland, American Jewish Historical Society | Yair Rosenberg, Tablet Magazine Antisemitism has always been part of the American landscape, uniquely shaped (and mitigated) by American culture, values, and laws. We can't understand where we are today without some sense of where we've been, and without an appreciation for the manifold ways in which the American experience continues to shape antisemitism - and the cultural, communal and legal responses to it. Join us as four exceptional speakers offer overviews of our distinctly American version of antisemitism. Watch
Economic Future of Jerusalem 03/09/2021 Yitzik Crombi, Bizmax | Roy Munin, Made in JLM | Ayelet Cohen, HUJI - Innovate | Ehud Uziel, 15 Minutes – Public Transportation Alliance Our final session will be focused on the Economic Future of Jerusalem. Watch
Arts & Culture in Jerusalem 02/17/2021 Yossi Klar, Ruach Hadashah | Ariella Cweikle, Jerusalem Municipality | Tareq Nassar, Sinsila, Eden Company Our third session is focused on Arts and Culture in Public and Private Partnerships. Watch
Government Services & Community Building 01/26/2021 Aviva Lahav, Beit Yisrael | Intisar Qaraeen, MiniActive | Daud Alian, Atta'a | Zaki Djemal, Kulna Yerushalayim Our second session is focused on the implications of COVID on government services and community building. Watch
Implications of COVID 01/05/2021 Avraham Hayon, SAHI - Special Hessed Unit Daniella Seltzer, Jerusalem Food Rescuers | Racheli Ibenboim, Eshkolot, Vehaguta | Gilad Sevitt, Madrasa Our first session is focused on the implications of COVID on food security and education. Watch